Mount Everest. 8,850m

May 2011
Highest mountain in the world. Summited.
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Mt Blanc. 4,810m

September 2009
Highest mountain in Europe. Summited. Rode a motorbike from England to the foot of the mountain, climbed it and flew paraglider from the summit to become the First British Woman to fly from the top (officially recognised & recorded by the Royal Aero Club of the United Kingdom).

TV show in South America

January 2014
Travelled 3000 miles around South America on my BMW motorrad filming an adventure travel documentary.

EllipitGo European Champs

September 2015
Became Women’s EllipitGo European Champion 2015

Slogan, Norway. 1564m.

April 2015
Team. Summited.

EllipitGo European Champs

September 2014
Became Women’s EllipitGo European Champion 2014

Sassiere, France. 3751m.

September 2014
Leader. Summited

Vespignani Patagonia. 2,200m.

January 2014
Co-leader. Summited

Base Jumping

November 2013
Had an epic 10 days with Miles Dasher at Perrine Bridge, Idaho, learning to base jump.

EllipitGo European Champs

September 2013
Became Women’s EllipitGo European Champion 2013

Monte Rosa

September 2013
Three summits reached - Zumstein summit (4,563m) Capanna Regina Margherita Hut (4,554m) Balmenhorn summit (4,167m)

ElliptiGo - Western Europe

March - May 2013
World record 3,074 miles around Western Europe...Read more

Mt Kilimanjaro. 5,895m

Febrauary 2013
Summited. Was a member of the largest ever group to reach the summit, 94p eople - the team collectively raised over $650,000 for charities on the ground in Tanzania.

Gran Paradiso. 4,061m

September 2013
7th highest mountain in the Graian Alps. Summited and became the First British Woman to fly from the top on a paraglider.

Mt Kilimanjaro. 5,895m

July 2012

Mexico Baja California

January 2012

Lands End to John O Groats

September 2011
Cycled Lands End to John O Groats in 9 days. 1024 miles.

Mt Rainier. 4,392m.

July 2009
Co-leader. Summited.

Everest Base Camp. 5,360m.

April 2009

Loubuche East. 6,145m.

April 2009
Co-leader. Summited.

Cho Oyu. 8,201m.

September 2008
6th highest mountain in world (600m lower than Everest). Summited. Took bum board to the top and became the world’s highest ever bum boarder!

Mustagata. 7546m.

April 2009
Reached 7,400m turned back due to bad weather. Was the first British woman to snow board on the mountain. Raised £13,000 for charity.

Aconcagua. 6962m.

December 2004
Highest peak in the western hemisphere mountain. Summited.