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The Knickers Philosophy

It’s a load of pants… literally!  For a very long time I’ve chosen the knickers that I will wear for the day based not only on what I’ll be doing but more importantly on how I’m feeling.  Why?  Because I believe,

"If your knickers are right, everything goes right!"

I’m sure reading this you will agree with me that if you look good and like what you are wearing then you will feel good. Your knickers are the very foundation of this.

Everest Base Camp

The Knickers Philosophy Continued...
When I began to climb mountains I learnt before I left for my first expedition that kit, and more specifically the weight of your kit, is crucial.  Everything must be kept to a minimum.  Therefore it is widely accepted that you take 3-5 pairs of knickers and either wear them for a few days between changes or hand wash them and rotate them for the duration of the trip.  It was on this first trip that I realised not all advice is good advice and just because that’s how it’s done now, it doesn’t mean that’s how it should continue to be done.

Naïve and inexperienced, I duly packed the suggested number of knickers and soon discovered that there were days when I simply did not have the knickers that matched my mood or feelings. It was dreadful, as was the constant hand washing of the few pairs I did have.

I vowed never to make this mistake again and from then on took an equal number of knickers to match the number of days I would be away on an expedition.  On Mustagata, a 28 day expedition, I had 28 pairs of knickers and I was much happier. 

I realised that, along with the whole knickers issue, there are also other perceptions about expeditions that I think make the difference, in mild cases, of being comfortable and, in extreme cases, of people actually going on a trip. 

For all you hardcore, bearded mountain men this may not be for you and I totally respect that the non-knicker changing, let’s get filthy approach might be ‘what it’s all about’.  However, if you care to be a little cleaner and more comfortable then this next bit is definitely worth a quick read.

  • Take loads of pairs of knickers!  One pair for every day.
  • Take wet wipes, nice ones, wash your face and body morning and night inside the comfort of your tent.
  • Take at least two pairs of really cosy, warm socks.  Wear these only at night in your sleeping bag (after you’ve wet wiped your feet).
  • Take your favourite toothpaste.
  • Take a nice moisturising cream and treat your face every evening.
  • Take a body lotion and treat your body a few times too.
  • Take your favourite shampoo and conditioner; decant them into smaller practical travel size bottles though!
  • Definitely try to have a shower every few days, even if you are limited to a bowl or your water bottles – you'll feel so much better for it.

And one last thing: Throw away your old, worn out knickers and treat yourself to some really fabulous new pairs!

My everest pants

I was wearing this pair the day I summited Mt Everest – enough said!

LEJOG Knickers

I wore these for the start of the Lands End to John O Groats bike ride!

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