A day with Ranulph Fiennes, Kenton Cool and the Powertraveller Team.

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Last week I had the pleasure of going to the Royal Geographical Society in London for a days filming with ‘one of Britain’s leading alpine climbers with record hard first ascents and eleven successful Everest summits’ and ‘the world’s greatest living explorer’.

Ranulph Fiennes and Kenton Cool.

We are all ambassadors for Powertraveller who design, develop and manufacture portable power solutions keeping essential lines of communication open whilst ‘off-grid’.

Powertraveller have been working on a remarkable new product that is going to be a real game changer in the industry.  Ahead of its launch early next year we came together to film the product, see how it works, discuss the limitless power it provides and share our experiences and thoughts.

The Powertraveller team; Jerry, Emma, Will, Mark and Hannah were all on top form when we arrived and Emma soon became everyone’s favourite person when she produced freshly baked home made ginger and chocolate cookies.

I’ve met Kenton and Ran before (Sir Ranulph instantly made me feel comfortable saying “call me Ran”) and it was great to spend more time with them and get to know them better.  Kenton’s energy was overflowing, just back from a bike race in the Pyrenees he was bright eyed, full of enthusiasm and ready to give Ran and I a hard time whenever possible!  Ran was lovely and with just a few days until the deadline to proof read his latest book, ‘Cold’, we discussed whether the title should  have an exclamation mark after it or not.

Talking about a new product that’s brilliant wasn’t difficult.  Talking about a new product concisely and putting it together while being filmed standing next to Ranulph Fiennes and Kenton Cool was a little more tricky.  Kenton likened our task to something from the Krypton factor, which apparently Ran has been on and I had watched….when I was six!

Throughout the day we got chatting about various things including knickers.  We were on the subject of mottos and sayings and Ran said he liked the phrase ‘we have two ears and one mouth so we should perhaps listen more and say less’.  Of course Kenton and I were very quiet all day so this was unlikely to have been directed at us!  He asked if I had a motto so I told him about my Knickers Philosophy – ‘if your knickers are right then your day goes right’.  A large grin appeared on his face and he said he liked it.

It was a brilliant day. I love working with the Powertraveller team (especially when Em has been baking) and it was a real treat to spend the day with Ran and Kenton.

Before we finished we all Copp’ed a feel for Coppafeel showing our support for the charity who’s mission it is to stamp out the late detection and mis-diagnosis of breast cancer by ensuring that you recognise the early signs and symptoms.

Copp'ing a feel for Coppafeel!
Copp’ing a feel for Coppafeel!

During the day I was fully aware of the company I was keeping – both Kenton and Ranulph are legends.  That evening Kenton and I were having a drink with a mutual friend who we both know is a business man…turns out he used to work for MI5 and we were basically having drinks with a real life James Bond…quite an ending to an already epic day!