A year since the top!

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It’s a year ago today that I reached the top of the world. I woke up this morning to a text from Stew, one of my team mates who I reached the summit with ….

“Happy summit day! We were over the Hilary Step and were almost there!”

It took my mind back to reaching the step and all the feelings came flooding back. It was a very tough part of the journey (understatement!). I was pushing myself harder than I ever thought I could go and was starting to wonder if I could make the top or more seriously if I could make it back down.

What continues to amaze me is how incredible it feels to have done it and to be back from the experience alive and well. Everything is different since the top. I have always said that I think I was born on a lucky day because I’m a naturally happy and positive person.. but since Everest there’s a feeling of utter delight that I’m alive and a more heightened sense of appreciation of the wonderful people and things that surround my life.

How do I feel today? I’m smiling, I’m happy. I’m also very distracted from my own thoughts of celebrating because I’m following the Everest expeditions on the mountain this year. So far no one has summited (although, it’s still early) and worryingly one entire team has pulled out and left the mountain. You can read about it here.

The other teams all seem to be resting before their summit pushes which are about to begin and it sounds like May 20th could be the day people are aiming to summit on. The mental game of Everest is so tough. I completely respect and understand the decision made by himalayan experience to leave the mountain and I also respect the decision of those who have stayed. However, I think the weight of knowing such a big team with so much experience has left the mountain will undoubtedly put pressure and concern on those still there.

I’m sending you all good vibes for a safe return. I hope you all have the right knickers on and I’m sure everything will work out!

On top of the world with Stew!

I love this next picture because when I look at it I can remember exactly how I was feeling. I was coming home and for the first time since the top, I knew I was coming home!

On my way back down the mountain..

This is Jangbu, we’ve climbed a few mountains together. I couldn’t have done them or this one without him. The sherpa people are incredible and I’m proud to say Jangbu was my climbing partner and he’s also my friend.

You can see the frost nip on my face in this picture!

Me & Jangbu

Climbing Everest was great ….but what’s really great is finding you’re dream and going for it. Whatever your goal, dream or plan… Definitely go for it!