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Towards the end of last year I received an email asking if I would like to be the cover story for the May issue of Experience Life, a USA lifestyle magazine, if I said yes I would need to go over to LA before Feb 2012 to do the shoot.

Obviously I was thrilled and said Yes! … and at the end of January this year I was in LA having an unbelievably amazing time.

I’ve done photo shoots before but nothing on this scale and I can’t say I’ve ever had the following set up –

A trailer to get ready in
A team of three photographers
A video producer
A hair and makeup stylist
Two people doing wardrobe
An art director
and…. A logistics co ordinator

After a little bit of consideration we decided to move the shoot from a studio to the open air! It was done on a hill in Santa Monica, California, over looking the Ocean at Eagle Paragliding School.

The 'wardrobe'!
With Barbara who transformed me...

The shoot took most of the day and included a couple of paragliding flights.

Getting my hair just right...
I always look like this immediately after landing - honestly!
Ground Handling
Trying to smile and look at the camera while ground handling.
Californian blue skies!

An unbelievable amount of work that goes into getting ‘that shot’…

Behind the scenes...
Some of the team

Imagining how the final pictures would come out was impossible! Shiffy Kagan, the wardrobe stylist, had the idea to turn my paraglider into a couture evening gown… I thought it was an original and pretty cool plan!

Not my usual evening outfit!

This was the end result!

The cover of Experience Life's May issue!

It was a fantastic day and I met some lovely people who are all passionate about the work they do.

Andrew Putschoegl was there to make a short behind the scenes video for the Experience Life website, which you can watch here – Behind the scenes with Squash!

You can read the online article here – Squash Falconer – Thrill Seeker

And this is a link to the article in the May Issue

The photographs were taken by Kwaku Alston and are courtesy of Experience Life magazine.

I was treated so well and stayed in a lovely hotel. I do think it’s a shame when you’re in an amazing place all by yourself … I did find something quite funny to do though!