Day One – Done!

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I’m tired!

Saturday 17th September 2011 - Lands End

We did 108miles today. There was a fair few hills, a few wrong turns and the weather pretty much went in continuous cycles of sun, wind, rain… sun, wind, rain… sun, wind, rain… It was perfect really, every time we got wet wet we always had a blow dry afterwards.

I managed to get the first and only puncture of the day. Luckily Woodey was nearby and I wasn’t alone to fix it. This meant that we were only held up for about 5mins instead of half an hour.

We had a breakfast treat today, Luke who has joined us for the first two days, organised for his parents (who have a holiday home near to Lands End) to make us tea and bacon and eggs and toast! Thank you Stewart and Sue.

We are in a camp site tonight, we’ve had hot showers, our cycling kit in a washing machine as I type and we’ve had a big dinner – total luxury.