Everest… This time a year ago…

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It’s that time of year when all the Everest teams have set off and are reaching Everest base camp. Two years ago I was eagerly awaiting any news from my friend Alison Levine who was on her second Everest attempt. I would never have imagined that just a year later I would have been on my own attempt… and this year looking back reflecting on it.

This time a year ago I was just arriving at base camp. During the trek in I had been ill in Namche Bazaar, the 48hr bug had left me underweight, tired and feeling quite homesick. I had my last Skype call in Namche Bazaar to a friend and I said, “I don’t think I can do this”… and honestly, at that moment, I didn’t.

I soon pulled myself together though and I can remember so clearly the buzz of excitement as I saw base camp for the first time. I was really happy to get into my base camp tent and ‘make home’.

My home at base camp
Important stuff!
Highly organised and neatly folded clothes...
Home is where your multi-coloured bobble hat is!

While we acclimatised and rested at base camp we spent time getting our kit organised and practising numerous things including the ladder crossing. A task we would have to do many times to get over the crevasses in the Khumbu Ice Fall.

So easy to do just a foot of the ground!
Not quite so easy when below is a deep, dark, black hole!

For our initial acclimatisation we climbed up to Pumori advanced base camp and spent a couple of nights there. It got us up to 5,800m and gave us some spectacular views of Mt Everest.

The summit of Everest is on the left.

It was quite a magical evening, the cloud hung in the valley below us and I remember thinking about the daunting task ahead. I also very clearly remember I was wearing a pair of knickers that were given to me by someone very special – they had reindeers on them!! (For those who don’t already know, check out The Kinckers Philosophy!)

I was looking up at the summit of Mt Everest

It’s not always an easy time to be on the mountain, yes there is the excitement and anticipation of what’s coming next, but there is also the pressure that comes with what’s next- it’s a massive mountain to climb!

There are some really interesting and wonderful expeditions this year, I wish each and every one of you a successful expedition and a safe journey home…

These are four people who are doing some great things!

Kenton Cool who is taking an Olympic Gold Medal to the summit.
Mollie Hughes who is attempting to become the youngest British woman to summit Mt Everest.
Becky Bellworthy who is attempting Everest for the second time and who also is attempting to become the youngest British woman to summit Mt Everest.
Leanna Shuttleworth who is attempting to become the youngest British woman to summit all 7 summits and summit two 8000m peaks in 24hrs!!