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Explorers Connect first came to my attention last year when a good friend of mine, Dave Cornthwaite – who’s worth checking out because he’s brilliant – invited me to a talk he was doing in the city.

The talk was for ‘Explorers Connect’ explained Dave, the London group. I soon learnt that Explorers Connect had different branches, in several cities, that are all linked together via a very user friendly and interactive website.

The website is a platform; for people who do adventures, people who want to do adventures, people who are interested in other people’s adventures and all things adventure related! It’s a place to share information, ideas, jobs and news.

Explorers Connect
Discover real opportunities to join adventures. Get the latest news. Meet fellow adventurers. Take expert advice.

Personally I think it’s a brilliant website. It’s not just full of great information; it’s interactive, it’s an online showroom for expedition professionals, it is regularly updated and most importantly gives practical advice and is a very good tool to get started or get moving on your next adventure. Lots of people want to do expeditions and get involved with adventures but simply don’t know where to start. Sometimes people need to find like minded others to join them on their trips but haven’t a clue where to look… and sometimes people have questions that they would like to discuss but wonder who to ask. Well, here’s the answer – Explorers Connect!

With groups already established in cities throughout the UK you can go along to friendly meetings where a speaker will entertain you for the first half and you can mingle in good company for the rest of the evening. Meet like-minded people near you. And if you don’t have a group locally Explorers Connect want you to contact them to open a new group in your area!

Explorers Connect Website

Here is a link to an article I have recently written for the website ‘Turning back on a mountain, the toughest decision’.

If you are free on Thursday 11th October 2012 I’ll be speaking at the London Explorers Connect meet. Save the date and please come along to The Fox Club.