Firmer, fitter and faster!

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I’ve been on the Go Trek for just over six weeks, I’ve covered 1,736 miles, had 6 rest days, participated in 1 stair race and completed three 100mile plus days!

My weight when I left was 64kgs, it is now 61.5kgs.  I’m leaner all over and I have increased muscle definition in my legs, arms, back.

My arm after six weeks on the GO
My arm after six weeks on the GO

I’m most excited about the development of the muscles on the inside of my knees – my vastus medialis muscles.  I’ve always had an awareness that one of the best ways to protect knees from injury is to develop the muscles around the knee… but never had the discipline to do specific exercises to achieve that (ie, squats!).

ElliptiGo legs - bigger Vastus Medialis Muscles!
ElliptiGo legs – bigger Vastus Medialis Muscles!

I’ve been wearing a heart rate band and over the six weeks as I’m getting fitter my average heart rate has decreased by around 10/15bpm.

Here is a link to some of my stats – Squash’s Moves – not all days ElliptiGo’ing have been recorded and some results are not accurate as the stopwatch has included time not moving – therefore my average speed/heart rate is a little distorted.. but it gives you an idea.

Unlike other expeditions I’ve done (mountain/endurance/cycling) this is the first trip I’ve been on where I haven’t lost condition – in fact I am getting stronger and fitter each week.

There have been very few rest days but each day my body is ready to go again.  Even after a 70km day I participated in a stair race and I had two consecutive 100mile plus days in Switzerland with the trailer, followed by a hilly 45mile day.

The ElliptiGo gives an all over body workout.  My concern at the start was that I would increase bulk and muscle in my thighs and bum – that hasn’t happened at all – I’ve just become leaner and more defined in these areas.

Unlike cycling, hiking and running I’ve had zero body discomfort with no blisters, sores, aches or pains and standing on the ElliptiGo for long periods of time has been comfortable.

My body is running like an efficient machine!  My digestion is great, my skin is healthy, I’m sleeping really well and I feel in excellent condition – which is remarkable considering the distance I’m going and the weight I’m towing (roughly 25kgs in trailer).

This week I met up with a friend who greeted me with this comment, “Squash I am so relieved to see you looking so well, after I saw you return home from your mountain expeditions you looked half dead and I was expecting to see you look drained and tired.  I think you look in the best condition I’ve ever seen you in!”

I love the ElliptiGo it’s been one of the most enjoyable and effective ways I’ve experienced to achieve overall fitness and well being.

High speed on the way down from the Col D'Iseran!
High speed on the way down from the Col D’Iseran!