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Some of you may have already heard about the ‘For Luca’ campaign – have a read of this get involved!

Taken from the For Luca Facebook Page

“Luca is a beautiful 3 year old who was struck down with Meningococcal Septicaemia in early January and his life changed forever…This horrendous disease ravaged every part of his body in hours and left him fighting for his life! With less than a 3% chance of survival Luca pulled through however he was not unscathed…
Luca lost both of his legs and all of his tissue, some muscle and skin below his hips. He has massive skin and tissue and muscle loss across his arms and shoulders and is now fighting to save his knees which have been severely damaged.

Luca - A very brave little boy

We will be raising funds to cover the huge costs of equipment and prosthetics giving Luca every chance to excel in every aspect of his future.

Luca’s campaign encourages everyone to show their support by ‘raising their hand’ with ‘For Luca’ written on. Simple and easy for everyone to support.
All you need is one pen, one hand, write ‘For Luca’ on your palm, take a pic and upload it to

I ‘liked’ the page a while ago and have loved seeing the huge numbers of photos sent in by people raising a hand ‘For Luca’. I have also been very moved by the updates written by his parents and the continual strength this beautiful little boys shows. It is both humbling and inspiring.

Check out some of these pictures…

Pixie Lott & her boyfriend!
Martin Whitmarsh(CEO of McLaren Racing) wearing Jenson Button's gloves
Mike Tindall

There are many more! If you haven’t ‘liked’ the For Luca page already then please go and give them a like… raise your hand for Luca and if you can please donate to their deserving cause.

Luca… for you….

For Luca! xx
For Luca...
For Luca...