Happy New Year!

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2012 has been brilliant!  It’s been a hectic year with loads going on.  Several people, moments and projects stand out…

  • Riding a BMW GS800 through Baja California Mexico as part of a television project, Rodando X Mexico.
  • Skiing with Maisie, who was two at the time!  How can a two year old not just ski, but ski really well?!


  • Getting involved with the Lord Mayors Show in London.
Lord Mayors Show 2012 – Wings of kilimanjaro Float
  • Holding a charity ball and raising almost £10,000!  (Treetops hospice & Wings of Kilimanjaro Charities – Plant with purpose, The One Foundation & Worldserve International)
  • Doing lots of presentations and continuing to meet lots of people from all walks of life!  (Meeting Charley Boorman and him giving a hand ‘For Luca‘ was pretty cool – he’s a lovely guy)


Apart from the personal stuff it’s been amazing to have enjoyed the Olympic and Paralympic Games here in the UK. I flew back from Africa at the beginning of the games and some the African Olympic Team were on the flight.  They were parading up and down the plane, it was great!  The opening ceremony was just incredible and I was delighted to meet Gary Connery (who was the Queens stunt double leaping out of the helicopter) at Buxton Adventure Festival where we were both speaking a few months ago.

One of my heros for 2012 has to be Felix Baumgartner, his supersonic skydive was like something from the movies but it REALLY HAPPENED!! and naturally I now want to leap from the edge of space too!

Thank you to everyone who has made the year so wonderful, to everyone who has donated to the charities and good causes I’ve been supporting and thank you to my friends and family.  Wishing you all a healthy and very happy 2013!