Happy New Year!

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I do like New Year. One of my favourite things in life are fireworks and I was at a fantastic fireworks display on New Years Eve. The display was courtesy of my very good friend Fritz, who has become renowned for annually holding the most spectacular of displays at his hotel in the French Alps (Hotel Le Genepy, Les Brevieres, Tignes).

He has his own unique style of lighting as many different fireworks as possible and sending them off in no particular order, in a rough direction of ‘up’ and it’s always amazing to watch, lots of fun and safe…… of course.

Fritz's Famous Firework Display!

A year ago my head was filled with thoughts about Mt Everest, I was wondering if I would make it to the top and more importantly back down alive! This year was a little different, it was really good to look back and think what a year 2011 was and wonder what on earth 2012 might bring.

The things I’ve done have definitely given me a heightened sense of how precious life is and that you should treasure the moments and enjoy as much as you can – even the apparently insignificant stuff.

I was out walking yesterday and there were two things that really made me laugh, one was very big and one was very small.

What is it about really small stuff or really big stuff that is so amusing?!!

Giggling, I thought about how happy such simple things can make me. So I decided that I wanted to share this. I’ve created a photo album on my facebook page. I intend to add lots of pics to it thoughout the year and I hope that it brings you as much happiness and amusement as I know it will do me. Please feel free to add relevant photos to it.

Happy New Year everyone… I hope 2012 is as brilliant as my latest pair of pants!

New Kinckers for a New Year