Helping Nepal with Toblerone

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Nepal and it’s people hold a special place in my heart – I have been fortunate to visit four times and each time I’ve fallen more in love with the place, the people and their culture.

Shocked and sad about the earthquake I felt pretty helpless in the comfort of my home, wondering how I could help.  I have good friends who were out there at the time of the earthquake, some were even on Everest when the quake hit and through their charities I was able to make donations that I knew would be used wisely.

My donations felt like a tiny drop in the ocean and I wondered how I could encourage other people to donate and I hit upon the idea of rewarding donations to my friends charities with Toblerone.

A good friend had given me a giant bar of Toblerone for Easter.  And when I say giant, I mean 4.5kgs!  I decided I would deliver a chunk of Toblerone for each donation.  Where possible I would deliver in person; by foot, by ElliptiGo or by car.

I thought to myself, even if I only get a couple of donations it’s better than nothing.  I was overwhelmed by the response, in just a few days all the chunks were gone (there were 12) and some people even re donated their chunk so that I could put them up for delivery again.  Thanks to everyone’s generosity we raised £1,130.00!!!


I’ve almost delivered all the chunks and it’s been lovely to catch up with (and in some cases meet the people) who donated.  Thank you all xxx

Please check the links below to see the good work these charities are doing and also if you can donate, please do.  It all makes a difference.