Knickers, Emails & Packing Chaos!

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So the big question – How many pairs of Knickers does one take on a trip to climb Mt Everest???

The answer – One pair for each day, obviously!  That’ll be 60 pairs then!

60 pairs of Knickers!

As you can see from the photo there’s a very splendid pair of knickers that I’ll be taking with me.  ‘My Everest Pants’!  These knickers were a present from a lovely friend.  I received them in the post a few weeks ago and was utterly delighted! I’ve worn them once just to try them for size, the next time I put them on I’ll be attempting to summit Mt Everest!

My Everest Pants!

Despite having the best intentions in the world to get my packing done well in advance, as usual it’s come down to the last minute.  I’m always the same with packing for a trip though.  It doesn’t matter if I have a day, a week or a month – I’m always packing, re-packing and then re-packing some more right up until the moment I have to leave.

I’ve spent the last few days spreading my kit all over the house, today was a good day, I managed to get it all into one place!

All my kit for the trip!

I even managed to do a ‘test pack’ into my bags.  Thought I’d better check how I was doing on weight.

I have a luggage allowance of 23kg for my hold luggage and 7kg for my hand luggage. A combined total of 30kg.

Not sure how I’m going to get away with my three bags – one weighs 24kg, one weighs 18kgs, and my hand luggage weighs 10kgs.  A combined total of 52kgs.  How do you hide 22kgs?  Hmmmmm….

Between counting knickers and packing my kit I’ve been busy with emails/blogs and all the online stuff I have to do before I fly to Kathmandu.  I’m leaving in less than 24hrs… so I’d better get on with it!

Busy on my computer...