Love Velo – Mont Blanc Challenge

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I love being out on my bike!

When I came back from Everest last year I decided to ride a push bike from Land’s End to John O Groats. I thought, as I was not a cyclist, converting myself into one in three months and then covering over 1000miles in less than 10days was a fairly good challenge. However, I received a mixed reaction to my latest adventure, including totally unimpressed!

This particular feeling was shared by a journalist from Cycling Active. ‘Go away and come back to talk to me when you’re doing something more impressive’… was basically the email response I got to an idea about a story.

I decided not to go away…. and was very happy with this article that was published a couple of weeks ago in Cycling Active.

Cycling Active Article

I cycled the length of the UK last September and loved it. I said I would definitely be doing more …

In June I will be doing the Love Velo Mont Blanc Challenge

Check it out, it’s not to late for anyone to enter.

I can’t wait to be cycling in a region that I love so much. Cycling in the mountains is really spectacular. Maybe I’ll see you there??!

(21-24th June, 176km- over 4000m of vertical climb!!)

On my bike dans le mountains!