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“Dad I’m going to Mexico”.

I never imagined that these words could fill dad, my dad, who’s used to me saying things like, “I’m going to fly off the top of Mont Blanc, I’m off to climb Mt Everest and try and fly off the top of that too”, with such worry and dread.

“Oh no… You’ll get killed!”

My mum, my sister and even my friends weren’t sure that this was a good idea either.

I was pretty shocked I mean, I know Mexico has a bit of a bad reputation… but that bad?? It would seem, yes, that bad.

After I rode a BMW motorbike to the foot of Mt Blanc, climbed it and flew from the top my story reached far and wide and Boxer Motors, a BMW magazine in Mexico liked the story so much they wrote a seven page national magazine article all about it.

To read the article click here

I was delighted. I thought it was quite funny that I was getting lots of hits on my website… from Mexico!

The very same people who produced the magazine told me that they had a plan to produce a television series that would involve riding BMW motorbikes across Mexico to showcase Mexico to the world. Very briefly the intention – to get away from the negative reputation that Mexico has got itself and show it off in its, also, wondrous glory.

We remained in contact about the project and I thought it was a very nice idea. But, alas it was just that… an idea…

Before Christmas though, after many emails (mostly about how safe the trip would be!) I went to Mexico and apart from not getting killed I discovered that there’s a lot more to this wonderful place than just its bad reputation. The people, for starters, are absolutely delightful; they are welcoming, warm and generous. Mexico is rich in history and culture. It is a fantastic blend of beach, sea, mountains, crazy cities and altitude! Mexico City itself is 2240m above sea level. I was only there for a short time but it was long enough to know that I wanted to see more and discover more.

This week I’m heading back to Mexico to begin making the first programs for the series.

We’ll be riding BMW motorbikes down the peninsula of Baja, across thousands of kilometres of incredible landscape and onto mainland Mexico.

The project is called – Rodando Por Mexico

“Rodando Por Mexico – Rolling Through Mexico
Rolling through Mexico is a new concept of communication through a series of television programs, web sites, social networks and printed media, which aims to show the positive image of Mexico. All this is seen from the perspective of a group of three expert riders, with the adventure that only travelling on a motorcycle offers. The goal with their program is to let people in other parts of the world know about Mexico. It is magnificent; rich in its culture, cuisine, and wonderfully warm people.”