The Go Trek – Week Six

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It feels like Christmas!  Throughout the entire Go Trek we’ve experienced generosity in every form from family, friends and strangers but I think the start of week six has been a record for wonderful gifts.  It’s also been exceptionally different to the other weeks – Dave and I have split up for a few days, so I’ve had some solo time which is a new experience for me on a trip.  Distance wise I’ve stepped things up a gear (two consecutive days of 100miles plus with the trailer!) and the ElliptiGo continues to amaze me as an incredible machine to travel and get fit on.

The week started with post!  Two handmade SayYesMore flags arrived from new friends we’d met the previous week, Wolfgang and Siglande.  Thank you for the time and effort that went into these – we LOVE them.

We left Isny and called at DM – a German health food store – on route to Oberstaufen for a mini ElliptiGo event.  Marco the general manager greeted us with cups of tea, a slice of rhubarb sponge cake and a bag of treats for the road!

Thank you Marco from DM!  Lovely treats...
Thank you Marco from DM! Lovely treats…

Our 32mile day to Oberstaufen saw us pass through rolling hills and lakes – Bavaria Germany is stunning.

Bavaria, Germany
Bavaria, Germany

We met another German TV crew and they gave us and our charity Coppafeel some great coverage.

Click here to watch the news piece – the dubbing is brilliant!

That evening we were welcomed to the Hotel Adler by some men in the most fabulous outfits!!  We had a lovely time; delicious food, great company and comfy beds.  The hotel is in the most beautiful spot too.

Great guys - great outfits!
Great guys – great outfits!

Thank you so much to Nicole and Hedi for the wonderful bracelets and for the home made Nutella muffins!

Say yes to the lIfe!
Say yes to the lIfe!

We were sad to say goodbye to our newest German friends.  Daryn, the ElliptiGo distributer in Germany, especially you!  We spent so much time with you and your family this week we began to feel like part of the family ourselves.  Thank you for all you did for us.  (Especially the breakfast of Toblerone and Pain au Chocs).

Wednesday was an incredible day.  Breakfast in Germany, lunch in Austria and dinner in Switzerland!!

….And Fredl met us that morning with surprise gifts!  To say I was delighted was an under statement!  Their website is worth a look –

haha what fantastic tops!
haha what fantastic tops!

We reached St Gallen in Switzerland and had the pleasure of meeting Peter, Ruth and Paul (the Swiss ElliptiGo dealers).  Paul gave us limited edition yellow Swiss Army knifes – thank you so much Paul, the perfect tool for our trip – and I discovered Peter has shares in Lindt chocolate.  Apparently at the annual shareholders meeting everybody gets 5kgs of chocolate.  I’m thinking of getting some shares.

The next day Dave and I split up!  It’s not as bad as it sounds, Dave had friends in Zurich to see and I had friends in France who I wanted to see so we decided to split for a few days and reunite at our next event in Aix Les Bains.

Click here to see our farewell Punkt video..

I’ve actually never done any adventure or expedition solo.  I was both excited and a little nervous at the prospect.  I arranged to stay with a friend of a friend, Tilly, that evening.  I’d never met Tilly before and we had a great time.  Tilly is a grandma – she’s warm, lovely and full of life.  Tilly joined me for the first 10.5miles the next day, it was cool to have a local guide and I was sad to say goodbye.  When I’m older I hope I’m like Tilly!

Back in Germersheim Germany, the previous week, Wolfgang had given us a contact for a bed for the night in Nidau Switzerland.  From Tilly’s to Nidau it was 99.9miles.  I knew it would be a long day but I was thrilled at the thought of doing my first century on an ElliptiGo with a trailer and I also liked the idea of having friendly faces at the end of the day.  It’s a running joke amongst my friends and family that I can’t navigate, however, only once did I go off track (and that was due to a closed cycle path).. and it was pretty funny where I ended up!   ……  In a field of naked people.

Here’s a short Punkt video about the day…

By 8pm I had reached my destination.  I saw a house with a very special fence and thought, ‘I hope that’s where I’m staying’, and it was!

Look at the fence!
Look at the fence!

Michael, Marie and their family welcomed me, fed me, helped me with the following days route planning, impressed me with their bike collection and gave me something I’ve never had for breakfast before – butter, nutella and salted caramel spread on bread – the breakfast of champions!  Delicious!!  Yet again I felt blessed to have met and spent time with more lovely people…

I set off in the sunshine with surprisingly ready legs (no aches or pains from the previous days 100mile effort!).  I had a route plan that roughly meant I would pass by both Lake Neuchatel and Lake Geneva with no arrangements for accommodation that evening.  It was a beautiful day.  I smiled to myself a lot, I met strangers who were fascinated by the ElliptiGo and who donated to Coppafeel, I found a HUGE bench, I absorbed the stunning views, enjoyed the long rolling roads of Switzerland and just felt very happy – even when later in the day the rain came.

I reached Geneva a few miles short of 100miles so went up and down the lakes edge until my Suunto watch read 100!!!  A second day of 100miles!  I was thrilled!!

Another 100miles!
Another 100miles!

I also realised it was 9pm.  I decided to get out of Geneva and find somewhere to camp.  Darkness soon fell, I crossed the boarder into France and felt nervous, lonely and worried – where would I sleep?  I’d left it very late.  I spotted a great piece of grass and some trees and soon realised they belonged to a huge house and were part of a walled garden.  I decided to have a closer look, the lounge window of the house was open and a black cat was purring at me.. this had to be a good sign?!  I called up in my best French and soon a very confused lady came to me.  It was 10pm, dark and there I was, a wet ElliptiGo’er standing in her garden!  Erica was a delight, she spoke English and soon I was setting my tent up under a tree, my ElliptiGo was in the garden shed and I felt safe.

Here’s a little Punkt video from the Garden I was so pleased to be in…

The next day I reached Aix Les Bains… where Dave and I will reunite on Saturday for an event before heading South.  It’s been odd travelling without him.  I’m very much someone who likes to be part of a team and I’ve missed my team mate!  However, I’ve had a great few days.  I’m feeling rather overwhelmed by the love, support, wonderful gifts and pure kindness people are giving us.

The ElliptiGo and ElliptiGo’ing has again gone to another level.  After my 100mile day with the trailer I didn’t think realistically I’d be able to have another long day, let alone a 115mile day!  Loving it!