Wings of Kilimanjaro – Final Training

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There’s just a week to go until I fly to Africa for Wings of Kilimanjaro!

Over the past few months I’ve been preparing for the trip and in recent weeks I’ve been doing my final training.

Location is less important when you are working on physical training, you can work out pretty much wherever you are.  However it becomes very important when you are working on paragliding training – you need good weather and high mountains.

I have just been out in Tignes, France where I have been able to take advantage of the altitude for physical stuff and more importantly I’ve been able to fly my paraglider from the beautiful mountains.  The weather was kind and I made the most of flying on the blue sky, calm wind days.

There’s nothing better to prepare you for being at altitude than to actually be at altitude.  In Tignes I sleep at 1600m and am able to train even higher.