Baby Essentials for the First Year

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Kit has just turned one so naturally I’ve been reflecting a lot on the past year.  Something I have been thinking about – my baby essentials for the first year.  I wanted to share them with you for a few of reasons;

  • For expectant parents to take a look
  • For anyone who wants to buy a present for someone they know who is expecting a baby
  • Just because it might be interesting

Baby Essentials for the First Year

1. Nappies

I did my nappy research long before Kit was born and I came across Kit & KinAward-winning nappies that biodegrade within 3-6 years (compared to 300-500 years).  Dermatologically tested and approved, using more sustainable materials and contain significantly fewer chemicals than other brands.  Working in Partnership with The World Land Trust – for every 10 Kit & Kin nappy subscriptions, Kit & Kin fund the purchase and protection of one acre of tropical rainforest.

The more I learned about the company the more impressed I was; eco-friendly nappies, better for the environment than most other brands and a giving back company mission.

After a year of wearing the nappies I can confirm they are wonderful.  Kit has a happy little derriere and the animal designs on the back of all the nappies are very cute.


2. Mountain Buggy System

I am so glad I found this company.  I didn’t really appreciate that when you have a baby you need an entire ‘system’ but now I do!

A car seat is essential for the journey home.  For the first few months Kit used a new born cocoon in the buggy.  Then a carrycot plus before being big enough to sit up in the buggy itself.  The car seat, new born cocoon and carrycot plus all fit into the buggy wheels, which is ideal.  Travelling with this system has been brilliant.  The carrycot plus doubled as a travel cot for the first few months and I used it so much.

My Mountain Buggy Terrain is robust, easy to use and can go both on and off road.  I love this buggy and so does Kit.

3. B-Shirt Breast Feeding Tops

I have lived in these tops while I’ve been breast feeding.  I discovered them from a google search. They look like a normal top but have a hidden flap that allows you to feed your baby discreetly and easily wherever you are.

B Shirt Breast Feeding Top

4. Zipusin

Zipusin is a genius idea!  No need for maternity jackets.  Expand your jacket during pregnancy and baby wearing.  These are material panels that you zip into your jacket when your baby bump is too big for you to zip your jacket up.  Then when your baby is born, simply reverse the panel and zip your baby into your jacket while in the baby carrier.


5. Ergobaby Carrier

During Kits first few months when she was tiny I used the Aura Baby Wrap and when she got bigger she moved into the Omni 360 Baby Carrier which we still use a lot.  A baby carrier is a lovely way to carry your baby.

6. Stacking Cups

Out of all the toys, kitchen utensils, household items, packaging etc Kit’s favourite things to play with are her plastic stacking cups!  They take up so little room – we use them at home, in the car, in the bath and whenever we go away anywhere.

7. All-in-one Zip Suits

An all in one zip suit is the easiest thing for you to dress your baby in and probably one of the most comfortable things for your baby to wear.  Baby grows with poppers are fine, but having a zip (especially when you’re changing at night) makes the change so much quicker and easier.  Kit & Kin’s 100% organic cotton all-in-one’s are super soft and the designs are lovely.

All in one

8. Hooded Towel

Snuz have great products and their hooded towel is towel luxury!  It’s more like a quilt towel than just a towel and I love wrapping Kit up in it after her baths.

Hooded Towel

9. Cute Hats

Kit’s first hat had her name on it.  I ordered it online from Esty.  In warmer weather Kit favoured her animal eared sun cap (I have no idea where it was from, it was handed down from a friend) and when it’s been cold we love her Kit & Kin Rabbit Hat.

10. Teething Ring Necklace

When my mum gave me this I thought it was odd because I hadn’t been wearing necklaces as Kit pulled them all.  I had no idea it was in fact a teething ring necklace for Kit.  She really likes it, it looks good and when we’re out it keeps her occupied for ages.  These are a great gift idea as you can get them engraved too.

Yummikeys Teething Necklace