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Energetic, engaging

Squash’s bespoke presentations will ignite an energy inside her audiences that perhaps they didn’t realise was bursting to get out and get used. We all have our own personal goals and challenges; physical, mental, emotional or a combination of all three and the way we tackle them can determine their success or failure. Illustrating her own personal journeys through her adventures, the audience begins to realise failure might not be a bad thing after all and that the path to success isn’t as obvious or as impossible as they thought.

A renowned, well-respected and entertaining speaker, Squash is happy to present to audiences of any size, age, demographic and background.

Tailored talks for any occasion

Through the use of her amazing films and photographs, accompanied by a narrative of fascinating and humorous stories and, her unique philosophies on life, Squash will tailor her talk to suit any audience for any occasion.

Squash aims to entertain, motivate, inspire and most importantly provide her audiences with an insight into their own dreams and to realise that wonderful, powerful potential that’s inside every one of us.

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Squash speaking to a climbing party

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Keynote / Business / Conference Presentations

Drawing parallels between the world of business and the worlds of mountain climbing and sport Squash, demonstrates the importance of goal setting, decision making, leadership and team work. The right team and decisions on a mountain will save your life; the right team and decision-making made on a project can prove the difference between success and failure. What defines success anyway, getting to the summit or getting back down alive? In business, often tough decisions pay off.

Through her presentation and talk, Squash will draw parallels between achieving her goals through meticulous preparation, planning, teamwork and execution in some of the most inhospitable and challenging environments in the world and how business objectives can be achieved and surpassed in the same way.

After Dinner Speeches

Squash is a natural storyteller, using gripping real-life stories, anecdotes and humour to engage her audience.  Squash will provide an insight to a world that will inspire the audience – challenging them to consider living their dreams and to seize opportunities they may otherwise not take. Happy to answer questions and provide further detail on content. She will also tailor her speech to make it more specific to each audience.


Imagine if, when you were younger, someone told you anything was possible and then actually demonstrated to you that anything WAS possible. For young people, this kind of example and positivity can have a huge impact. Squash’s talk begins when she was little, when she was at school. By beginning from the same starting point as those listening, Squash is instantly on the same wavelength as her audience and then goes onto show them an exciting world of opportunity that isn’t exactly ‘text book’, proving that anything is possible and inspiring each individual to follow their dreams.

Sports Clubs

Paragliding, mountaineering , cycling, skiing – whatever your sport is - exactly how do you get to the top of your game?  Do you even want to?  Maybe you just want to try something new or hear about other sporting adventures.  You might not be the strongest or the fittest but that isn’t always the most important element.  Demonstrating that mental strength plays just as big a part as physical strength. Your own experiences may resonate with Squash’s and if you find yourself wanting to go further, you’ll realise you can.


Inga Taylor, Marketing Manager, Snow & Rock
“From the word go Squash had the audience enthralled with her fantastic stories, tales of her adventures, and of course, the Knickers Philosophy which will change our adventure packing from this point forward! It’s always great to spend time with Squash, and the team were definitely inspired”.

Steve Gregson Chalet Bonjour Bonjour, Tignes les Brévières
"Squash has been a regular guest speaker at our ski Chalet. Audience numbers vary between 30 and 60 and their response has been excellent. She has great content on which to base her talk and delivers it in a clear and precise way, with lots of humour. The whole evening is truly inspirational to our guests of all ages."

Beccy Cresswell, Oakwood Avenue Primary School, Warrington
“Inviting Squash was an unforgettable experience. The children were fascinated and fully engaged throughout. It was refreshing to see the ambitious goals they began to set for their own future as the session developed. Thank you Squash!”

Bill Penty, Head, Trent College Nottingham
“We were delighted that Squash was able to be guest speaker at our Speech Day. Professional, confident and engaging throughout the process, from our initial exploratory meeting through to the final speech itself, Squash fitted the bill perfectly. Most importantly, she related extremely well to the pupils, regaling them with exciting tales of derring-do and giving them the simple but very effective message that if you believe in yourself, give of your very best, you’ll come out on top, achieving your dreams.”

Sarah Reid, Head of Fleet Management Passenger, Bombardier Transportation
“Squash was an absolutely fantastic addition to our corporate event. She had us all captivated with her funny, thought provoking and inspiring stories. We wanted someone to leave the audience feeling energised and motivated and she did not disappoint. I would not hesitate in recommending her for any event”.

Alexander Whitaker – Financial Times
“Such an inspiring presentation from a very unique and talented individual. It appeals to all ages and businesses for its insight into the necessity of hard work, personal passion and teamwork”

L. North, Stonyhurst College, Lancashire
“I wanted to simply let you know that your words of inspiration on that day when you spoke had a very positive effect on my students and I have much to thank you for.”

Kenton Cool, Britain’ s leading Alpine climber, successfully climbed Everest 11 times!
“Squash represent a rare breed of adventurer who gets out and does real stuff, not any of the fluffy adventure that we see so much of these days. Her passion, drive and determination seem boundless. I always feel motivated and alive whenever she is around.”

Stephen Rathbone, Academic Director, Radley College
“Squash grips the attention of the audience with her fearless and bold vision. This is that we are all far more capable of achieving great things than most of us ever dare to imagine. Her inspiring and incredibly energetic talk lifts the spirit, challenging us to defeat pessimism and low aim. The sight of her paragliding off Mount Blanc after a gruelling climb leaves us wowed. This is a great lecture indeed.”

George Kalorkoti, Liveryman, Worshipful Company of Information Technologists
“Squash’s presentations to some 500 year 7 and 8 pupils at two inner city London schools held them enthralled from beginning to end. Feedback form the schools included 'The impact of Squash’s speech has been amazing. It has really inspired our students and has been talked about all week' and 'I have spoken to many staff and students since, and the feedback has all been amazingly and unanimously positive'.”

Simon, Jagged Globe
“Squash’s talk is great fun – but with an edge of danger that keeps you enraptured throughout”