Day Nine

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There’s nothing like a good nights sleep and waking up to clear skies to make happy bikers. We left Nairn campsite early and were soon crossing the Keswick bridge – smaller than all the other bridges but still, as bridges go, it was ok… We cycled along the waters edge for a while which was pleasant!

Leaving Inverness

The Scottish highlands are really, really picture squee… (picturesque!) the sun was shining, my ankles were functioning and the roads were flat(ish).

The stunning highlands of Scotland

We had planned on doing a hundred miles today, so as we were making such good time we decided to make a couple of extra stops, while the boys enjoyed whiskey and beer, I had about 7 cups of tea! & we played on a big rock too.

Cracking view!

Soon after this photo was taken we came across this sign and it made us very happy… and excited!

Only 55 miles to the end!!

Our plan was to stop and camp at Bettyhill, but it was pretty pants. So despite the rain that had now found us, we decided to do just another 12miles to a site where we could get hot food and hot showers. That extra few miles made our total mileage for the day 126. It also meant we arrived soaking wet and cold…. but happy – we are now only 43miles from John O Groats! Today was also a record – I’ve never cycled 126miles in one day before.