Getting back on it

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Since coming out of hospital with Kit, last December, I’ve been keen to ‘get back on it’.

To me ‘getting back on it’ meant doing some sport, forming some kind of routine and being slightly organised.  After months of bedrest and a couple of months not leaving Kit’s bedside in NICU even the smallest amount of ‘getting back on it’ was going to be good.

Getting back on it

I wrote a little about this in my last blog, ‘Coming Home’.  Things started off well.  My mum came to stay for a week when we came out of hospital.  This meant I was able to have 30mins (ish) most mornings between feeds and a little time to do stuff.  When mum left things got a little trickier.  Once I’d got Kit down for her morning nap I was able to go just outside the door and do short body weight workouts.  That worked for a week or two then Kit started to wake up more frequently.  I was spending a couple of hours trying to get 25mins worth of exercise done.  Having a shower afterwards and getting breakfast was taking me to 1pm some days.  After a 6am start I was thinking I needed to find a new, more efficient, way to get a short workout done.

The solution – have Kit next to me or attached to me!

Kit in her Aura Baby Wrap from Ergobaby

Working out with a baby

Before Kit was born I looked into a lot of different baby wearing options and I found Ergobaby.  While Kit is so small the Ergobaby Aura Baby Wrap has just been brilliant to wrap Kit to me and do stuff!  I also looked into a good Buggy system and Mountain Buggy has been perfect.  The new born cocoon and carrycot plus have allowed me to use the buggy while keeping Kit safe, comfortable, warm and happy.

We’ve walked, run and she’s joined me for my body weight workouts outside.  I also decided to take her ski touring with me.  From my front door I have access to a really quiet, peaceful blue run that has a very gentle incline – perfect for Kit’s intro to touring.

Here’s a short Gopro edit I made of one of our tours.

How it’s going

There have been some really good days when things have gone to plan and we get out and do stuff.  These are the days I take photographs and share on social media.  These are the days I feel really good!

The reality is that there have been more days where things haven’t gone to plan and we don’t get stuff done.  These are the days I don’t take photos and I don’t have time to even look at social media let alone share posts.  These are the days Kit is full on, maybe upset and chances are I’m pretty upset too.  Becoming a mum is without doubt the most amazing thing I’ve ever done and I love it.  It’s also very tough!  But you know what, the short gentle ski tours, the walks, the 10-minute incomplete workouts are all wins.  And slowly, really slowly, I’m getting back on it.