Girl Power

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I was recently asked by Kit & Kin what Girl Power means to me.  My thoughts initially go to words like confidence and strength.  I think particularly of women in sport, doing well in physical arenas and women daring to go for their dreams.  But the more I ponder the question and of course since becoming a mum I realise there’s so much more to Girl Power.

Girl Power

We girls are amazing.  I was lucky to be brought up by a family and go to a school where men and women were seen as equal, the thought I couldn’t do something because I was a girl never crossed my mind.  Whilst I understood equality was an issue, I had never experienced it personally until I was in my 20’s.  I was climbing Cho Oyu, one of the fourteen 8000m mountains.  There were 19 of us, 17 men and 2 women.  One of the guys, a very strong looking Russian had made his thoughts clear – that mountaineering was a sport for men.  On meeting he’d looked me up and down and said, “you don’t look like you can climb a mountain”.  I was stunned and didn’t reply.  My reply came later in my actions when I summited the mountain and he didn’t.

What Girl Power means to me

  • Knowing that we have a value, that we matter and can make a difference.
  • Being confident to follow our dreams and passions, be they physical, academic, musical… whatever they are!
  • Supporting each other and leading by example.
  • Being confident to speak out about what we believe in and knowing that our voice is important.
  • Feeling happy in our skin.
  • Being aware, being accountable and taking action.
  • Growing a whole new person and bringing them into the world!
  • Then being there.  Nurturing them while they grow, teaching, supporting and loving them.
  • Loving men too!  Understanding that while we are different we are all equals.

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Have I missed anything?  What do you think?

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