Kit & Kin – The Best Nappies With The Best Name!

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I’m delighted to announce that Kit and I are ambassadors for Kit & Kin!

Kit is 5wks old and her life, for now, is pretty much all about eating, sleeping and going to the toilet.  Choosing the most perfect nappy for her has been a top priority.

When I got pregnant we quickly decided that whatever the sex of our baby the name would be Kit.  One of my friends sent me a message saying, “Look at Kit & Kin.  They have the best nappies and the best name!”.

Nappies had been on my mind a lot.  I wanted to make the best choice I could for Kit’s bottom, our lifestyle and the environment.

Nappy Stats

  • Our babies could use 5,300 nappies by the age of 2
  • Disposable nappies take 300-500 years to biodegrade
  • Disposable nappies are the 3rd largest contributor to landfill
  • In the UK we use 8 million nappies every day

What I read shocked me.  I wanted to make a responsible choice with the disposable nappies we were going to use.

Kit & Kin

One of the first things I read about Kit & Kin’s award-winning nappies is that they biodegrade within 3-6 years.  This was such a massive difference to 300-500 years.

The nappies are dermatologically tested and approved, they use more sustainable materials and contain significantly fewer chemicals than other brands, perfect for tiny bottoms.

The motivation for the company came from co-founder, former Spice Girl Emma Bunton.

“My son has always suffered with eczema and for so many years we struggled to find products that weren’t full of chemicals that would further irritate his skin.” 

Kit & Kin also work in Partnership with The World Land Trust – for every 10 Kit & Kin nappy subscriptions set up, Kit & Kin fund the purchase and protection of one acre of tropical rainforest.

The more I learned about the company the more impressed I was; eco-friendly nappies, better for the environment than most other brands and a giving back company mission that I love.

Kit & Kin also have an award winning natural and gentle skin care range for mum and baby (which is divine) and they are about to launch a 100% organic cotton babywear range which we can’t wait to see.

Kit & Kin Magic Salve

I’m delighted to be an ambassador for Kit & Kin.  Their nappies are not only better for the environment than most other household brand nappies but they are super soft to touch, fit Kit really well and their animal print designs are lovely.