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When I was pregnant I decided boy or a girl, I loved the name Kit.  I told a few of my friends and soon after one of them sent me a link. with the message, this nappy company is amazing!

Kit & Kin is a fairly new company.  The founders, parents themselves, struggled to find products which didn’t irritate their children’s skin.  They wanted to develop a natural, gentle and sustainable alternative for families.  From this Kit & Kin was born.

In the past I’ve created links, supported and worked with brands that I really love.  I reached out to Kit & Kin and they asked Kit and I to become ambassadors.  It was an easy yes!

Kit & Kin Giraffe Nappy

Kit & Kin Products

  • The nappies and wipes are fantastic.  Not only are they very cute (check out the animal designs on the bum) but they really are exceptional when it comes to doing their job – keeping my babies bottom in perfect condition!
  • New wipes  have just been launched.  The formulation uses 99% water and a touch of aloe vera.  The wipes are 100% biodegradable and contain no plastic.  They are unbelievably soft.

Kit & Kin Baby Wipes

  • The skincare range is just… lovely.
  • The babywear all-in-ones are gorgeous – check out the two latest new designs!

Different to other nappies

Unlike other disposable nappies which take hundreds of years to biodegrade, Kit & Kin nappies take 3-6years.  They use more sustainable materials and fewer chemicals than other brands.  And the thing that really stands out is their giving back mission.  In Partnership with The World Land Trust – for every 10 Kit & Kin nappy subscriptions set up, Kit & Kin fund the purchase and protection of one acre of tropical rainforest.  Given the horrific fires in the amazon right now this couldn’t be a more important time to protect our rainforests.