Ski touring in Tignes – Living the dream

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Since making Tignes my permanent base, just over two years ago, I’ve regularly got up early in the mornings before the lifts open and gone ski touring (a form of skiing where both uphill and downhill travel are possible).  I’m almost always joined by Isly’s, my best friends Bernese Mountain dog, who lives close by.

Ski touring Tignes with Isly the bernese mountain dog

Recently after sharing footage of our morning routine and of Isly chasing me back down the mountain a reporter from the Press Association saw my videos and contacted me.  She thought people would be delighted to see our morning mini adventures.

Isly chasing me on a ski tour in Tignes

I never imaged the reach the article would have.  It has appeared in worldwide press and on news platforms such as Yahoo and BT.

I’ve created a career from expeditions and going on adventures.  I often get asked what’s next?  Where’s the next expedition?  Where are you off to now?  And whilst I love creating new adventures and going on exciting trips I’ve put a lot of time and effort in to creating a life that I don’t want to get away from.  And right now, it’s here in the mountains in Tignes!

Squash Falconer ski touring in Tignes

I love ski touring and to be able to wake up early in the mountains and head out for just an hour before breakfast is my idea of living the dream.

I used to think that an adventure had to be something really big, taking me to a new place and needs a lot of time.  But the reality is there can be an adventure on my doorstep that takes an hour!

Do you ever feel like you want to go on an adventure but perhaps haven’t got enough time, resource or inspiration?

Here are my top 5 tips for creating you’re own mini morning adventure;

  • Do something outside. A run, a walk, a climb, a ski tour!  The outdoors are free and fresh air is good for you.
  • Push yourself physically. I ALWAYS feel good after exercise.
  • Find someone to share the adventure with. Dragging yourself out of a warm bed early when you’ve committed to meet someone means you’ll likely get up and show up.  Ideally someone who makes you happy – this might be a friend or an animal.
  • Get your kit right.  For me feeling good in what I’m wearing and also having the right kit for the adventure makes all the difference.
  • Pick a location that’s beautiful to you.  This might be fields, a woodland, along a river, the hills.


Useful Links;

Do you want to learn about ski touring or take your touring to the next level?  Check out the Snow & Rock back country adventure courses that I will be running in April with FREEFLO.

Snow & Rock Backcountry Ski Touring Adventure Courses with FREEFLO & Squash Falconer

Finally, for more inspiration there are a lot of great people online.  Here’s a few good ones to start with  Alastair Humphreys, Challenge Sophie and The Girl Outdoors