Our friends are amazing!

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The wind and rain didn’t let up all night last night and when we got up at 6.15am this morning it sounded like we at the centre of a hurricane! The met office had also released a weather warning. Hmmm….

By 7.30am it had improved a little. Riding the first 35miles through driving rain and wind up and down the unbelieveably steep hills of Devon was only made bearable by the fact that we had a breakfast date. My very good friends Hilary and Richard had arranged for Stumbles Restaurant & hotel, in South Molten, to open up especially for us at 10am. We devoured a delicious breakfast and drank lots of tea. Hilary gave us gifts of chocolates, fine cheese and other lovely treats. In no time we were ready to ride again…. in the rain!

Outside Stumbles with Hilary and Richard

Massive thanks to Hilary and Richard – it was really wonderful to see you this morning. Cheers!! Also thanks to Stumbles. If anyone is ever in the area their website is www.stumbleshotel.co.uk

The weather did finally clear up this afternoon and we left the hills of Devon behind us as we rode into Somerset. Lots of beautiful countryside.


After 100miles riding we reached Cheddar Gorge. We were tired and the gorge is steep. There was an incredible turn out of friends though who were cheering us on (with banners and everything!) and it definitely helped. I certainly raised my game and sped up disgusing any signs of being tired!

Sadly the rain returned once more and with just a few miles left to ride we got drenched…again… Then Luke got the second puncture of the day (Matt had one at lunchtime). We were very happy to reach the pub where lots of our friends were waiting to join us for dinner. Thank you to everyone who made the effort to come and see us, especially Ben who drove along way to bring us some tools!

113miles today.

This bike riding business is tough. I like it though, especially when the day is finished! …