Snow+Rock Backcountry Ski Touring Adventure

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Freeflo and I have teamed up for the past two years with Snow+Rock to deliver backcountry ski touring adventure courses in Tignes.  With record snowfall this season, we knew that the course was going to be a good one.

Backcountry ski touring team

Snow+Rock Backcountry Ski Touring Adventure

With more and more people venturing into the backcountry there’s huge importance to have the skill and knowledge to stay safe and make sure you have the best time possible.  Our courses are designed for intermediate skiers with little or no ski touring experience.  The backcountry opens up a whole new world of skiing adventures.  And with fully booked courses we couldn’t wait to get going.


Floss from Freeflo is the lead instructor on the course.  However just two weeks before the start date Floss had to have emergency surgery.  The outcome was good and Floss is ok!  However, this meant she was put on a ski ban by the surgeon while getting back to full health.  Fortunately she could still deliver the theory, just not do the practical.  Luckily our first choice, Terry Walker, was able to step in.  Terry is an experienced ski instructor and very accomplised climber and his skills were perfect for the course.

Snow+Rock backcountry ski touring adventure

The Team

It was good to have a real mix of people join the course.  There were 4 girls and 5 guys including Terry, Floss and myself.  Our ages ranged from 30 – 58 and therefore our experience and knowledge was varied.  It’s always great bringing a new group of people together.  I think bonds form quickly when working as a team especially when we’re slightly out of normal comfort zones!

Snow+Rock backcountry ski touring adventure

The Course

With amazing snow and sunshine forecast all week we were all very happy.  The first couple of days we spent doing ski tours with the focus on technique, routes, slope aspects and avalanche transceiver training.  In pairs, the team then planned their own ski tour, before looking more closely at drills to improve downhill skiing.  The course ended with a bigger tour spending the night out in a remote mountain refuge and an epic journey home!

Here’s a video of how our week went!


Huge thanks to our team; Floss, Terry, Jo, Gary, Pam, Freddy, Craig & Dave.  And to Snow+Rock, Salomon and Chill Alp Retreats.

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