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There are certain things in life that you just shouldn’t scrimp on, among which are; climbing rope, toilet paper and socks.

Salomon running sock!

I suppose we don’t give a lot of thought to socks. A sock is a sock, right? Wrong. You can be forgiven for thinking this because like so many things you don’t know the advantage of a really good pair of socks until you’ve experienced the difference.

For those of you who already know me you may have heard my knickers philosophy. ‘If your knickers are right, then your day goes right.’ Click here for – The Knickers Philosophy.

Well here’s my sock philosophy.

‘If your socks are right, you’ll go further…literally!’

Really our feet don’t get enough credit for the work they do/the pressure that we put on them. Let’s say you spend 5hrs per day on your feet. That’s 35hrs a week, 140hrs a month, 1,680hrs a year… 100,800 hrs by the time you are 60! And let’s face it most people probably spend a lot more time on their feet than 5hrs a day… Then there’s sport to throw into the equation. When you think about it our feet really are hard working, amazing little things, on the ends of our legs!

Earlier this year I climbed Mt Everest and it always surprises people to learn that one of the things that can stop (and end) an expedition is blisters. While that’s perhaps a very extreme example I’m fairly sure that everybody reading this will have experienced a blister before, or maybe just sore feet. Not funny. They hurt and actually can stop us in our tracks, whether we’re climbing Everest or simply walking to the shops.

Not only can socks prevent sore spots and blisters they’ve become very impressive and specialised to enhance and aid performance in whatever you’re doing… You can have running socks, cycling socks, skiing socks even flight socks! Why? Because they do make a difference.

Recently I’ve been out running in some Salomon running socks and some Horizon own brand running socks and I have to say both were a very pleasurable experience! Designed to fit your foot perfectly; they have extra cushioning where your foot receives the most impact, less cushioning where it isn’t needed, elastic in all the right places, are made up of a cotton mix that wicks the sweat away to prevent wet feet and just feel right.

Horizon Running Socks

But don’t take my word for it, go and get a decent pair of socks. Treat your feet and experience the difference!

Out running in my Salomon socks!