Le Petite Tour De France!

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So often I find myself agreeing to do things or being 100% up for trying something before I’ve really thought it through.  Last week a friend of mine, Mark, asked if I was interested in doing a bit of a bike tour.  Sounded brilliant!  It would involve the Col D L’iseron (the highest Col in Europe, 2770m), the Col Madeleine (arguably one of the toughest, longest and steepest Col’s) and about a hundred and forty miles in between to make the ride into a loop.  How hard could it be?  Today, after doing the tour at the weekend I can answer that.  Hard!  However, as with most things that are difficult, the reward comes afterwards.  I’m delighted we’ve done it and think it’s not bad training for the bike ride in September.  If you’re interested you can check out the route and stats here… (Please keep it in your mind how much climbing was involved when you look at my pathetic average speed!)

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At the top of the Col De L'iseran
Made it to the top of the Col De Madeleine